Sunday, December 6, 2009

audio books

I had a little difficulty with figuring out the downloadable audio book section on the Web site. I then attempted to download some from the South Central Library System here in Wisconsin, but again, I ran into some trouble. Even though a book can be played on an iPod, it does not necessarily mean it will work on a Mac. I called one of my fellow library friends because I thought I was just being incompetent, but she said there are very few that will play on Macs. So I felt a little bit better. I just found the Web site slightly confusing, and if I weren't going to library school, I probably would have just given up at that point. But my friend has inspired me to try, try again. I just looked again, and I can't find any downloadable books that will play on a Mac. I'm sad now. It'll be OK.

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