Sunday, October 25, 2009

Working with Rollyo, delicious, and tagging

I decided to create a search tool using some of my favorite news sites. Not being very creative, I even called it "Favorite News Sites." Awesome, I know. But I think this will be a pretty useful tool. Especially after I finally land a job. That way, I can plug in what will be local news sites, as well. A lot of the sites I chose will have very similar stories, but I think I'm more interested in the difference in the coverage. I've included many national sites, along with a Canadian and a British site.

Delicious (please don't mind the deleted punctuation) is one of those sites that looks like a portal to the rest of the world and it's endless possibilities. You may go to the site with one thing in mind but then get completely side-tracked and forget what you had originally intended to do. I am easily distracted, so this looks like trouble. On the other hand, I think that by creating an account, users could greatly benefit by their own methods of organization. I would personally also want to keep some kind of print record for later use, but it looks very helpful. I've already looked at about 30 Web sites that I didn't really need to. But it reminds me that I really want to figure out Zotero because I've heard nothing but amazing things. The fact that users can use this tool from any computer makes it a very valuable source.

On Technorati: I am probably less likely to use Technorati on a daily basis than I am for most of the other sites. I do feel that it has its merits. For example, if I want a first-hand account of a travel experience, or if I want to search for a blogger with similar music tastes, Technorati has a great directory. But as for where things stand for me right now, I can't really imagine using it too much -- unless there comes a time when I'm trying to get my name out there (in which case I would have my blog listed officially). These few tools have continued to open my eyes to the opportunities made available through Web 2.0.

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